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Pet Eye Infections

You love your pet. Whether you have a dog, cat, or another family pet, you might notice it having problems with its eyes. One of the most obvious problems is continual eye discharge that is reddish. That suggests one of many potential pet eye infections is likely present. Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke can help determine whether or not your family pet has an eye infection or another problem. Once we find out what is causing the problem, we can provide an effective treatment for your furry friend.

Brown Labordor Retriever Puppy

Why It’s Important

When your pet’s eyesight is suffering, so does its quality of life. Our veterinary services help treat pet eye infections and preserve their eyesight for as long as possible. When an eye infection sets in, your pet will likely show signs of reduced activity. It will also have common streaks of dried discharged material that is a clear sign your pet needs treatment. In most cases, we can help your pet with quick and affordable veterinary services that will improve its eyesight.

What Pet Eye Infection
Treatment Involves

Pet eye infections have many potential causes. It might be an allergen, a scratched eye, or another problem that led to the onset of an eye infection. Whatever the cause might be, we can provide effective treatments with antibiotics, eye drops, and even surgery when needed. With many potential causes, veterinary solutions are available to treat the problem and help your pet have the best possible vision. We can cure the underlying problem and restore eye health quickly. We will improve your pet’s quality of life and general health as well.

Schedule Treatment for Your
Pet’s Eye Infection Now

If your pet’s eye infection is making it’s life miserable, we can help. Call Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke today at 703-978-8655 to schedule a convenient time to come in for treatment. Our veterinarian and our friendly staff will help you restore your pet’s eye health and return your furry friend to the loving animal it was before. We have a state-of-the-art veterinary services facility that will help keep your pet in optimal health. We accept many types of pet insurance and will work with you to provide the most effective and affordable veterinary services for your pet.

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