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Pet Surgery in Burke, VA

Types of Surgery Our Veterinarian Performs and What to Expect From It

Surgery for a beloved pet is always a scary decision. While sometimes surgical procedures are necessary for an animal’s health and well-being, they are never without some inherent risk. Here at Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, we treat all of our pet patients with the utmost care, whether they are coming in for surgery or any other reason.

Puppy post surgery

What to Expect

Any time your pet must undergo surgery, our veterinarian will take your pet’s vitals, which includes your animal’s heartbeat and temperature, and blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery. Depending on the reason for the surgery, our vet might take diagnostic images, like X-rays, to gain more details about the planned surgery. By taking images, we can help pinpoint a blockage or identify a broken bone. Following a successful surgery, our vet will give you aftercare instructions. Some common aftercare instructions include giving medication, bandage changes, or physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Routine Pet Surgery

There are several surgeries that are considered routine pet services. One such surgery is spaying or neutering your pet. This is a simple surgical procedure that eliminates your animal’s ability to have offspring. Most spay and neuter surgeries are completed while the animal is still young, and only take a matter of minutes.

Another common pet surgery is dental surgery. Often, pets will have cracked or broken teeth that must be removed before they become infected and spread disease to otherwise healthy teeth in the mouth.

A very common pet surgery is to have a mass or lump biopsied. As dogs and cats get older, they will often develop growths along their bodies. To determine the nature of these growths, the lump will be removed so it can be sent off for diagnostic testing.

Emergency Surgery

Sadly, there will be times that emergency surgery is necessary to help save a pet’s life. At Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, we can perform a variety of emergency surgical procedures. A common surgery is to repair broken bones, particularly on limbs. Sometimes, bones are unable to heal correctly simply being set with a cast. Pins and screws must be surgically implanted into the bone to help give the bone added strength while it heals. Broken bones can be the result of an accident or fall. Automobile accidents can cause damage to internal organs. Emergency surgery may be needed to repair damaged organs, eyes or to stop internal bleeding. Lastly, pets can ingest foreign objects that become lodged in the stomach or intestines. These blockages must be surgically removed quickly, or else they can become fatal.

Contact Us If You Have Questions About Pet Surgery

The team at Village Veterinary Clinic understands that pet surgery can be scary for both the owner and the pet. We are a caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated veterinary clinic based out of Burke. Our team is passionate about pet care, and we want to make your beloved animal happy and healthy. If your companion animal requires pet surgery, our team is happy to help. Call us today at 703-978-8655 to speak with a member of our veterinary team if you have questions about the types of pet surgeries we perform or what to expect.

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