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Preventive Care

Preventive care is an important part of ensuring that your pet lives a long and healthy life. Bringing your pet in for routine wellness checkups, dental exams, and vaccinations allow your veterinarian to spot potential health complications before they can progress into severe problems. Early detection is always less expensive to treat and brings a greater likelihood of a positive result. We hope that you will choose the Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, VA, as your primary veterinarian for pet services.

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Wellness Exams

A wellness exam is a comprehensive checkup with a veterinary doctor. It’s similar to your annual physical with your primary doctor. Every dog and cat are unique, so your pet’s exam will be tailored specifically to its age, breed, and other characteristics.

Be prepared to talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s overall health and lifestyle, as well as its diet, exercise, and thirst levels, during its wellness exam.

The physical examination will include listening to your pet’s breathing and heart rate with a stethoscope and palpating the body to feel for anything out of the ordinary. Your vet will observe your animal closely to see how well it walks and stands and to see whether your dog or cat is bright, alert, and attentive during the visit. Your pet’s eyes, ears, coat, and teeth will be examined as well. You may be asked to bring your pet’s stool sample to the exam to check for parasites. All of these tests are done to obtain a comprehensive view of your pet’s overall health.

Pet Preventive Care
at Village Veterinary Clinic

Once your veterinarian has conducted the exam, the discussion will turn to preventive care. Your friendly veterinarian will discuss specific pet wellness recommendations with you, which will include your pet’s vaccination schedule, parasite control, weight management, and other recommendations based on the results of the exam. In most cases, these recommendations will be based on your pet’s age range and health.

Call Us for Pet Preventive
Care in Burke, VA

If you’re searching for a veterinarian who offers exceptional preventive care and other pet services in Burke, Virginia, then call the Village Veterinary Clinic at 703-978-8655 to schedule a preventive care checkup. You can also schedule an appointment using our online request an appointment form.

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