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What Is a Pet Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that uses sound to scan the internal organs of an animal for any abnormalities. It is most often used to detect abnormalities of the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines, and other parts of the abdomen to identify conditions that would have otherwise gone undetected or are difficult to detect via other diagnostic techniques.

Diagnostic ultrasound for pets

Village Veterinary Clinic is a high-quality vet clinic located in Burke, VA. We are dedicated to giving your pets the best health care every step of the way. Our world-class facilities and highly skilled staff are the perfect combinations to ensure that your pet’s health needs are met. We offer a full complement of pet care services such as, but not limited to, routine checkups, preventive care, diagnostics, surgery, boarding, and ultrasound.

How is a Pet Ultrasound Done?

To conduct an ultrasound, a pet is positioned on its back to expose the abdomen or on its side if a cardiac ultrasound is performed. Thickly padded cushions are used to help maintain the comfort and stability of your pet during the exam. The veterinarian shaves the area to be examined to allow the probe to move freely without interference. An ultrasound gel is then applied to the shaved area before using a probe to scan the area. The probe takes pictures, similar to a pregnancy ultrasound scan, which are then analyzed to diagnose your pet.

When is a Pet
Ultrasound Necessary?

Ultrasound is recommended for a variety of reasons and for a multitude of medical conditions. It can often detect what an x-ray cannot or assist the veterinarian in performing diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound-guided urine collection or obtaining a biopsy sample. Additional applications of when ultrasound is particularly helpful are situations where a mass or ingestion of a foreign object is suspected, and the veterinarian needs to determine its size and location. Ultrasound is useful in pregnant animals to help determine the number of offspring to expect during delivery. It helps the veterinarian come to a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan without the need to perform an invasive procedure to view your pet’s organs.

Animal Clinic in Burke

In summary, pet ultrasonography is an effective diagnostic tool that allows our veterinarian to get a clear picture of a pet’s internal organs to determine an anomaly without the need for surgical intervention. At Village Veterinary Clinic, ultrasonography is just one of many services we offer for your furry family members. For more information on the benefits of pet ultrasound or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call Village Veterinary Clinic today at 703-978-8655.

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