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Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats in Burke, VA

If you’ve ever had to suffer by watching a beloved pet go through a serious infectious illness, you probably wished you could have spared them the discomfort. The good news is that many potentially deadly diseases can indeed be prevented through the use of vaccines. Here at Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, we can administer the right combination of vaccinations to safeguard your pet from such diseases at various stages of his life.

Bulldog puppy

The Benefits of Vaccinations
for Dogs and Cats

A vaccine is a simulated or deactivated form of the germ we wish to protect your pet against. When this substance enters your pet, the immune system reacts as if it’s encountering the actual germ for the first time. It goes into action by producing antibodies that will kill the actual germ if it ever invades your pet. This is a major benefit since it normally takes an initial (and potentially fatal) exposure to a germ to trigger the creation of the necessary antibodies.

Puppies and kittens need to receive core vaccinations starting around the age of 6 weeks when they stop benefiting from any “borrowed” antibodies from their mother. We will administer these vaccinations several times over a period of months to make sure your pet has a strong base of immunization. If your pet also becomes a candidate for elective vaccinations, we will recommend and administer the needed non-core vaccines.

Your pet’s vaccination routine doesn’t end after the first year of life. Some vaccines lose their effectiveness after just one year, while others may last up to three years before giving out. It’s critical that we administer booster shots on a predetermined schedule to help your pet enjoy continued immunity.

Vaccination Types
and Recommended Vaccination Schedules

Pet vaccinations fall into two primary categories: core and non-core. Core vaccinations are considered critical for all pets because they defend against the most common serious disease threats. Rabies and distemper vaccinations are a must for both dogs and cats. Dogs also receive core vaccinations against hepatitis and parvovirus, while cats receive core vaccinations against FVH-1 and calicivirus. Some pets may also need elective or non-core vaccinations that address specific lifestyle or environmental risks. Bordetella or feline leukemia vaccinations, for example, may be recommended if your dog or cat spends time in boarding facilities or other situations where they’re exposed to other animals.

Make an Appointment at Our Burke Veterinary Office

You have the opportunity to give your pet a healthier, safe life, starting today. Call our Burke veterinary office at 703-978-8655 to schedule any necessary vaccinations for your best friend!

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