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Veterinarians use a variety of methods to determine what’s wrong with each patient. Modern diagnostic equipment helps veterinarians to quickly develop an accurate diagnosis so an appropriate treatment plan can be developed to help animals recover quickly. At Village Veterinary Clinic, we have been providing residents of Burke, VA, and the surrounding areas with reliable pet care services for many years. Read on to learn more about the diagnostic tools at our veterinarian’s disposal.

Turtle at Vet's office

In-House Laboratory Testing

Blood and urine tests provide invaluable information about the function of your pet’s internal organs. These tests help detect diabetes, kidney disease, liver disorders, cancers and other health problems. The information provided by these tests helps to pinpoint the source of physical discomfort, behavioral changes and/or immobility and can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing treatments. A microscopic analysis offers further information that allows the vet to view hidden problems and detect the severity of health issues.


X-ray technology has been employed for many decades to help vets diagnose problems with the hard structures inside the body like the bones, joints, and spine. Fractures of the bone, disorders of the spine, and joint damage from arthritis can all be detected using x-ray equipment. X-rays can also be used to find abnormalities of the bones caused by cancer and other diseases, and can help identify pulmonary and cardiac issues as well


Ultrasound technology uses sound waves that bounce off soft tissues in the body. These waves create an echo that is transformed into a digital image to provide an image of the tissues. Veterinarians are trained to carefully analyze these images to detect any abnormalities that could signal disease. Ultrasound is commonly used to detect stones in the urinary system, obstructions in the gastrointestinal system, reproductive problems, and the size and extent of benign and malignant tumors.

Make Village Veterinary Care Your Veterinarian in Burke

Aside from in-house diagnostic testing, our animal clinic offers vaccinations, surgery, dental care, dermatology, microchipping, boarding, laser therapy and many more services. Our veterinarians will use the information produced by diagnostics to provide your pet with the most effective possible care. For more information on diagnostic testing or to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call Village Veterinary Clinic today at 703-978-8655.

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