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Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye Trauma in Pets

Eye infections and injuries can be a common occurrence in pets. Eye problems may arise from physical trauma such as foreign objects entering the eye, scratches, lacerations, or blunt trauma to the head or face. Eye problems may also be caused allergies, especially during the spring and fall, or from exposure to other irritants. Physiologic causes for eye problems include but are not limited to cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, ulcers, the presence of “cherry eye,” or cancer of the eye.

Our veterinarians will conduct a thorough eye examination to determine the nature of the problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan. This may include something as simple as the use of drops or ointment and an Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from scratching its eyes, or may require surgical intervention, for example, to correct “cherry eye”. Cherry eye is a disorder of the third eyelid in the eyes of cats and dogs, which causes the gland to prolapse and protrude from the eye as a red, fleshy mass.

Research shows that brachycephalic breeds – those dogs with a broad, short skull, are more often affected than other dogs by certain ophthalmologic issues. These include corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

We recommend that eye conditions be seen immediately upon the onset of symptoms as they can severely affect your pet’s vision. Signs of eye problems can include: swelling or bruising around your pet’s eyes, if your pet’s eyes seem sensitive to light, if your pet is holding an eye shut, blinks rapidly, paws at his or her face, or you notice an unusually colored or copious discharge from the eyes.

What Happens If My Pet Has Damage to an Eye?

Call Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke for an appointment so our veterinarians can provide timely treatment before your pet’s eye condition or vision worsens. At Village Veterinary Clinic we will work with you to provide the best eye care for your pet. Don’t take a chance with your pet’s eyesight, even if the injuries or problem seems minor. Contact us today at 703-978-8655 for superior care you can count on.

At some point you may wonder when you might need to take your pet to see a veterinarian. Once such case is when a pet sustains an eye injury or develops an eye infection, both of which can affect your pet’s vision. Many eye problems in pets can be managed by our veterinarians at Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke. We treat your pet(s) like they are our own and we take pride in providing honest service and always keeping the best interest of your pet(s) in mind. If you believe your pet is suffering from an eye injury, or needs treatment for disease, trauma or other injuries, let us be your first call for veterinary care.

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