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Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Care From Your Burke Veterinarian

Is your pet one of your oldest friends even though you’ve only known them for seven years or so? Animals, such as dogs and cats, grow old more quickly than their human owners, a fact that be hard to recognize if your pet still seems healthy and lively. Senior pets require senior pet care, and that’s where the Village Veterinary Clinic comes into the picture. Any Burke veterinarian on our distinguished team can provide the necessary pet care to keep your old friend in good shape.

Senior Dog

Why Older Pets Need Extra Vet Care

You may already be aware that humans face elevated risks for certain diseases and degenerative conditions as they enter their senior years. The same holds true for pets, although their “golden years” come sooner than ours. Some large dogs are considered geriatric at just five years of age, but for most pets, the age of seven marks the beginning of their geriatric phase. The outward signs of aging may be subtle, such as graying of the muzzle or increasing joint stiffness. Senior pets may also fall prey to:

High blood pressure


Heart disease

Urinary problems, from kidney disease to incontinence


Vision or hearing loss

Periodontal disease

Various types of cancer

Many of the internal health challenges faced by senior pets can develop silently, without displaying outward symptoms. That’s why we recommend two wellness exams per year for geriatric animals. The earlier we can detect such problems, the better our chances of getting them under control before they can do serious damage to your pet’s well-being.

Exams and Treatment Strategies
for Your Geriatric Pet

If your pet is getting on in years, bring them to Village Veterinary Clinic for a senior wellness exam. Our veterinarians will perform the type of evaluations that we would administer to younger animals but with an extra emphasis on checking for age-related problems such as cataracts, changes in organ function, or chronic degenerative pain conditions. We can then prescribe any senior care that your pet might need. Many pets, for instance, benefit from medications to control skin conditions,  joint pain, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Others might need to exercise more, receive additional dental care, or switch to a special diet. We can even perform cancer surgery or other advanced treatment options for age-related diseases and disorders.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Vet Care Center

Village Veterinary Clinic can help pets of all ages get the most out of life. Call our Burke vet care center at 703-978-8655 to schedule an appointment and ask about our senior pet care services.

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