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Spay & Neuter

The Spay & Neuter process for dogs and cats is one that every pet owner should take seriously so unwanted puppies or kittens do not become a problem. Taking your cat or dog to Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, VA for spaying or neutering is an option to keep your pet protected against unwanted pregnancies. Here is some information about the procedure and why seeing our veterinarian to schedule an appointment for this surgery is important for your pet.

Brown Lab puppies

The Spay Or Neuter Process

When a pet is spayed or neutered, its reproductive organs are altered so it can no longer reproduce. Spaying is the process for female animals and neutering is the process for male dogs or cats. The process is done at our veterinary practice where the pet is monitored before and afterward to ensure no medical problems arise. The pet will need to stay at our facility for several hours or perhaps overnight. This surgical procedure is done with the assistance of general anesthesia.

Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering

In addition to stopping the possibility of a pregnancy, spaying or neutering your pet has additional benefits. Spaying a female cat or dog can help to prevent uterine infections as well as tumors of the breast. For male dogs or cats, neutering helps to prevent testicular cancer. Prostate problems are also minimized. A dog or cat that has not been altered may display aggression and behavioral problems. Cats are known to spray urine in an attempt to attract a mate. This behavior will cease after spaying or neutering takes place. Both dogs and cats are known to wander if they are unspayed or unneutered.

kitten laying down, Village Veterinary Clinic

When To Get Your Pet Spayed Or Neutered By A Veterinarian

It is best to get a cat or dog spayed or neutered at a young age. Dogs can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks if they do not have any health problems. Most people will have this process done when their dog is between size and nine months of age. Cats can also be spayed or neutered at eight weeks or older. Many people find that doing the process early is best as it eliminates behavioral problems. A female cat can be spayed when she is in heat as well. Our veterinarian will answer any questions you have about the process before it is conducted.

Contact Our Village
Veterinary Clinic Today!

Contact Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, VA to inquire about the Spay & Neuter procedure and to make an appointment for your pet if desired. Our veterinarian can be reached at 703-978-8655. We look forward to caring for your dog or cat and helping them to get through the procedure with minimal discomfort.

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