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Puppy and Kitten Care

If you are a new puppy or kitten owner, it is likely you are excited about caring for your new pet. One part of puppy and kitten care is making sure that they visit Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke for routine appointments. Here is some general information about kitten and puppy care to read over as you embark upon a new relationship with your pet.

Get the Right Items to
Care for Your Pet

You will need to take a trip to a pet supply store to gather a few items that your pet will require for comfort. If you have a kitten, it will need a litter box and cat litter for toileting purposes. A scratching post or cat tree can provide your kitten a place to rest, play, and sharpen its claws instead of your carpeting or furniture! A puppy needs a collar and leash so that you can keep it safe when bringing it outdoors to go to the bathroom and to exercise. A crate or baby gate can help keep your puppy safe, especially while no one is home or anytime the puppy may be unsupervised, by limiting access to areas of your home that may pose an injury or health risk. Both kittens and puppies need appropriate diets for their life stage, as well as food and water bowls to hold their meals and water. Pet-friendly toys will keep your puppy or kitten active and encourage exercise.

Puppy and Kitten in basket

Remove Hazards from Areas
Your Pet Frequents

Puppies and kittens are naturally curious. Because of this, it is important to create safe spaces for your young pets. Puppies like to chew and kittens like to scratch. Make sure to check hard to reach places and areas that can be potentially hazardous for your pet. Keep household chemicals and medications locked up. Young pets can be notorious for getting into things. Secure your trash bins. If you have children, keep small toys picked up. Socks, mittens, thread and yarn, undergarments, plastic bags, and Q-tips are just a few of the things we have removed from puppy tummies- and a few kittens too! If you have houseplants it’s best to put them out of reach. There are a variety of plants that are very poisonous for your pet.

Visit Our Animal Clinic for a Comprehensive Exam

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment at our animal hospital as soon as you acquire your new pet. The earlier you can have your pet seen by our veterinarians in Burke, the earlier medical difficulties can be treated if needed. Our veterinarians will take your pet’s vitals, check over his or her body from head to tail, screen for intestinal parasites, and review your pet’s vaccine status. We will provide you with information about the importance of vaccines, parasite and flea/tick prevention, microchipping, spaying or neutering, potty and crate training, nutrition, and more.

To keep your pet happy and healthy, schedule regular vet visits with our veterinarians at Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke. Call our animal hospital at 703-978-8655 for more information about kitten and puppy care or to schedule a well-visit appointment.

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