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In-House Laboratory

We’re committed to providing our patients with exceptional care. We use the latest technology and resources to ensure your pet is given the highest level of care possible. A key component of this is our in-house laboratory. With it, we can answer many of the questions you have about your animal’s health in-house. That means there’s less of a wait and often fewer fees. If your pet needs an exam or diagnostic screening, call Village Veterinary Clinic in Burke, VA for an appointment.

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Schedule Pet Wellness Examinations First

If your pet has not been seen by our team, we recommend coming in for pet wellness examinations as a first step. These examinations give us an opportunity to get to know your pet and his or her needs. We will provide a full physical. During this exam, we may recommend more diagnostic screenings or tests. There are various reasons for this. We may recommend routine screenings that are appropriate for your pet based on the species, age, or medical history. If we believe there may be a health concern, we may recommend pet diagnostics as a way to gather more information.

A Full Lab for Your Pet Diagnostics

When you come in for pet wellness examinations or for a follow-up appointment, our lab is available to ensure our vet always has access to fast information to answer each one of your questions. We have a full Idexx Laboratory. This is an exceptional tool because it provides us with the ability to run chemistry panels and a wide range of additional tests, for example, blood counts, urine analyses, screening for thyroid disease and more. With our Idexx laboratory equipment, we are able to gather information about a variety of conditions to make a diagnosis that’s very accurate. Among the capabilities we have in-house include:

  • Blood screening for heartworm disease, tick-borne diseases, and feline leukemia

  • Complete blood counts

  • Chemistry panels

  • Thyroid levels

  • Cardiac health testing

  • Liver and kidney function testing

  • Blood disorders and much more

Schedule Consultations and Pet Wellness Examinations at Village Veterinary Clinic

Our Burke, VA location makes it easy for all of your pet wellness examinations and pet diagnostics. Contact Village Veterinary Clinic today for an appointment at 703-978-8655.

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