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Village Veterinary Clinic Proudly Serves K9 Units

If you work with a K9 officer, you know how important they are. Not only do they provide extremely valuable services to our Virginia communities, you love them. To maintain the healthiest dogs and the highest functioning force, your police department needs to partner with the best vets. To which we say: Pleased to meet you.

If you’re looking for a K9 unit vet Virginia has a topnotch option for you: Village Veterinary Clinic. We are proud to offer expert services for our canine companions, helping them stay in peak physical condition so they can do their jobs admirably. Our range of services, detailed below, ensure healthy dogs from the tip of their noses to the ends of their tails. We can help catch problems in their tracks, heal injuries, and even advise on post-traumatic stress or anxiety in dogs.

K9 Unit dog with owner, Village Veterinary Clinic, Burke, VA

K9 Units: Invaluable Services, Brave Soldiers

Our canine companions do more than keep our beds warm and our homes safe. Many dogs protect and serve every day on police forces as part of K9 Unit teams, where they are partnered with officers trained specially to handle them.

Canine officers help with search-and-rescue operations, track fugitives, search for suspects, sniff out drugs and explosives, help stop arson by locating accelerants, recover drowning victims and help find evidence of criminal activity. With so much at stake and so much good service provided, your canine friends deserve the absolute best in vet care.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Thorough wellness exams – Our vets examine your dog from head to toe, checking for any abnormalities and advising if any are found

  • Dental exams – An animal’s teeth are just as important as a person’s, and proper dental care is a must, which is why we provide in-depth exams

  • Grooming – Keeping your dog healthy requires good grooming, from trimming toenails, cleaning ears, removing matted fur and maintaining excellent skin

  • Behavioral counseling and training – In some cases, even a well-trained K9 needs extra behavioral help, whether to deal with a rambunctious personality or with trauma

  • Nutrition counseling – The proper diet is crucial to a dog’s lifelong health, but is not necessarily intuitive. Our diet advice takes into account age, breed, physical condition and any congenital problems your dog might have

  • Whether an animal has specific needs at this time, or your force merely requires an excellent partner in animal care, we here at Village Veterinary Clinic would love to be that partner.

Come See a Canine Unit
Vet in Burke, VA

If you’re ready to forge a lifelong relationship with a trusted, knowledgeable vet here in Burke, get in touch. You can contact us at 703-978-8655 or request an appointment on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to get you in. Your dog deserves forever health, so come get it today.

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